Outline rendering

Selected objects can be highlighted visually by adding outline rendering via the Hierarchical state override component. This chapter explains how global parameters for outline rendering are changed through the client API.

Outline properties are a global setting. All objects that use outline rendering will use the same setting - it is not possible to use a per-object outline color.

Parameters for OutlineSettings

Class OutlineSettings holds the settings related to global outline properties. It exposes the following members:

Parameter Type Description
Color Color4Ub The color that is used for drawing the outline. The alpha portion is ignored.
PulseRateHz float The rate at which the outline oscillates per second
PulseIntensity float The intensity of the outline pulse effect. Must be between 0.0 for no pulsing and 1.0 for full pulsing. Intensity implicitly sets the minimum opacity of the outline as MinOpacity = 1.0 - PulseIntensity.

An object rendered three times with different outline parameters The effect of changing the color parameter from yellow (left) to magenta (center) and pulseIntensity from 0 to 0.8 (right).


The following code shows an example for setting outline parameters via the API:

void SetOutlineParameters(RenderingSession session)
    OutlineSettings outlineSettings = session.Connection.OutlineSettings;
    outlineSettings.Color = new Color4Ub(255, 255, 0, 255);
    outlineSettings.PulseRateHz = 2.0f;
    outlineSettings.PulseIntensity = 0.5f;
void SetOutlineParameters(ApiHandle<RenderingSession> session)
    ApiHandle<OutlineSettings> outlineSettings = session->Connection()->GetOutlineSettings();
    Color4Ub outlineColor;
    outlineColor.channels = { 255, 255, 0, 255 };


Outline rendering may have a significant impact on rendering performance. This impact varies based on screen-space spatial relation between selected and non-selected objects for a given frame.

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