How to add a user to your Azure RemoteApp collection


Azure RemoteApp is being discontinued on August 31, 2017. Read the announcement for details.

Before your users can see and use your apps in Azure RemoteApp, you have to grant them access to your collection. This is the easy part: On the User Access tab, enter the account information for the user, and then click the check mark.

What account information do you need? That depends on the type of collection you created (cloud or hybrid) and whether you are using Office 365 ProPlus in that collection.

Supported user identities

The different collection types (cloud vs. hybrid) support using different user identities for access to applications.

For a hybrid collection of RemoteApp, you need to set up an Active Directory domain infrastructure on premises and an Azure Active Directory tenant with Directory Integration (and optionally single sign-on). Additionally, you need to create some Active Directory objects in the on-premises directory.

For a cloud collection of RemoteApp, any user that has Azure Active Directory support identities can be granted user access to RemoteApp to include Microsoft Accounts. See the table below.

Office 365 users are Azure Active Directory users. If they have Azure Active Directory hybrid, Directory synchronized accounts, they can be granted user access in a RemoteApp hybrid deployment.

You can use this table as a quick reference for which identity is supported in your collection and what the Active Directory requirements are.

User accounts Cloud Hybrid
Microsoft Account Yes No
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
Azure AD cloud only Yes No
ADsync with password sync Yes Yes
ADsync without password sync Yes No
ADsync with AD FS Yes Yes
3rd-party Azure supported identity providers (example Ping) Yes Yes
Multi-Factor Authentication Yes Yes

Check out more information about configuring Active Directory for RemoteApp.


The Azure Active Directory users must be from the tenant that's associated with your subscription. (You can view and modify your subscription on the Settings tab in the portal. See Change the Azure Active Directory tenant used by RemoteApp for more information.)

Office 365 ProPlus user account information

If you are using the Office 365 ProPlus template image in your collection or if you created a custom image that uses Office 365, you are only allowed to add Azure Active Directory users that have Office 365 subscriptions for the default domain of your subscription. See Using Office 365 with Azure RemoteApp for more information.