How to use Search explorer to query indexes in Azure Search

This article shows you how to query an existing Azure Search index using Search explorer in the Azure portal. You can use Search explorer to submit simple or full Lucene query strings to any existing index in your service.

Open the service dashboard

  1. Click All resources in the jump bar on the left side of the Azure portal.
  2. Select your Azure Search service.

Select an index

Select the index you would like to search from the Indexes tile.

Open Search explorer

Click on the Search explorer tile to slide open the search bar and results pane.

Start searching

When using the Search explorer, you can specify query parameters to formulate the query.

  1. In Query string, type a query and then press Search.

    The query string is automatically parsed into the proper request URL to submit a HTTP request against the Azure Search REST API.

    You can use any valid simple or full Lucene query syntax to create the request. The * character is equivalent to an empty or unspecified search that returns all documents in no particular order.

  2. In Results, query results are presented in raw JSON, identical to the payload returned in an HTTP Response Body when issuing requests programmatically.

Next steps

The following resources provide additional query syntax information and examples.