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Title Description Date
Watch this video introduction 9m38s introduction to features, service creation, and queries. November 2016
Create a service Steps for setting up Azure Search in the portal. February 2017
Query an index Create and query an index using built-in sample data. Tools in the portal are a fast way to learn about query types and search parameters. February 2017
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Code in .NET
C# walkthrough shows you how to connect, index, and query using the Azure Search .NET library. November 2016
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Code in REST
Review REST calls and JSON payloads for creating an Azure Search index on any platform and programming language. December 2016

Code samples

Code-based exploration through samples and walkthroughs.

Code sample Description
Get started with .NET client library ASP.NET MVC 5 application using the .NET client library.
Get started with REST API REST API code sample.
Source: NYC Jobs Website Demo Source for the live demo Azure Search site over NYC jobs data, using ASP.NET MVC.
Source: Tate Art Gallery Demo Source for the live demo Azure Search site over art gallery data, showing the Collections data type and nested data structures, facets and filters, people names, and thumbnail images.

Find more code samples for specific feature combinations and scenarios: Azure Samples > Azure Search.

Online demos

Fully functional web applications using Azure Search for the search experience. These links provide a hands-on experience of using an app that uses Azure Search.

Link Description
New York City (NYC) Jobs portal demo for Azure Search A live ASP.NET web site that demonstrates Azure Search capabilities using data from the NYC Open Data Initiative. This app uses the simple query syntax. You can modify code to try out the Lucene syntax.
Tate Art Gallery Demo A hosted ASP.NET web site using sample data from the Tate Art Gallery. Try out search terms like "modern", "photo", and "portrait" as a first step.
Azure Search Demo Site A collection of demo apps for Azure Search. Test-drive media search, geo search and product inventory apps using Azure Search.


Multi-session demos and labs for Azure Search.

Link Description Date
Building Intelligent Cross-Platform Mobile Applications Using Xamarin and Azure Search Typeahead, full text search and paging, filtering, lookup, moreLikeThis, machine learning, scoring and tuning, analytics December 2016
Using Windows Azure Search Older but still relevant drilldown into scale, geospatial search, linguistic analysis, Cortana speech recognition May 2015

Video archive

Link Released Details
Channel9 Build 2016: "Applications That Learn & Adapt: Azure Machine Learning + Search" May 2016 17 minutes. Liam Cavanagh explains the benefits of adding 'recommended for you' capabilities to your Azure Search application, and how to derive insights about user preferences from machine learning.
Channel9 Build 2016: "Intelligent Data Driven Applications that Learn and Adapt" May 2016 1 hour. Learn how Machine Learning and Azure Search can be used together to create sophisticated data-driven applications.
Channel9 Data Exposed: "Custom Analyzers, Search Analytics, & Portal Querying in Azure Search" January 2016 15 minutes. Custom analyzers allow configuration of tokenizers and token filters. Search Analytics gives insights into search terms entered by users and efficacy of your search index. Search Explorer is a built-in query tool that lets you try out queries from inside the portal.
Channel9 Data Exposed: "Azure Search Enhancements" November 2015 17 minutes. Data ingestion of StackExchange data. Build an index in the Azure Portal. Learn now Indexers crawl supported data sources to pull data into an Azure Search index. Language analyzers. Lucene query expressions.
AzureCon 2015: Best Practices for Azure Search September 2015 Practical advice on scale-out, performance optimization, and how to achieve coding efficiency when building apps for Web or mobile scenarios, presented by Pablo Castro.
Build 2015: Modern Data June 2015 At 29 minutes into the session, learn how Azure Search fits in the modern data revolution, presented by Shawn Bice and Pablo Castro.
Build 2015: Using Azure Search to Build Great Search Experiences in Mobile and WebApps June 2015 1 hour. Pablo Castro presents at Microsoft Build 2015.
Elastic{ON} 2015: Powering real-time search at Microsoft March 2015 16 minutes. Presentation at Elastic{ON} 2015 by Pablo Castro explaining how Azure Search and other groups at Microsoft use ElasticSearch.
Channel9 Data Exposed: "Azure Search General Availability and What's New" March 2015 12 minutes. Azure Search goes "GA", presented by Liam Cavanagh.
Channel9 Data Exposed: "Azure Search Suggestions" February 2015 15 minutes. Suggestions (also known as type-ahead or auto-complete queries that appear as potential search terms as a user is typing a term). In Azure Search, fuzzy matching is implemented through suggestions.
Channel9 Data Exposed: "SQL Server To Azure Search Synchronization" December 2014 16 minutes. Synchronize database transactions. Load Azure SQL relational data into Azure Search.
TechEd Europe: Deep Dive into Azure Search October 2014 1 hour 15 minutes. Fast-paced demo of Azure Search end-to-end, delivered by Pablo Castro.
Channel9 Data Exposed: "GeoSpatial Data and Azure Search" September 2014 18 minutes. Geospatial search scenarios.
Channel9 Cloud Cover: Episode 152 September 2014 25 minutes. Technical feature discussion, how to issue regular and geospatial queries via Fiddler, and understand the results that come back.
Channel9 Data Exposed: "Introduction to Azure Search" August 2014 22 minutes. Architecture and capabilities of Azure Search, now in Public Preview.

Tutorial archive

Walkthrough Description
How to use Azure Search with D3.js to Build Interactive Data Visualizations Blog post and sample code that demonstrates how to add visual search capabilities to your custom app.
Get started with Azure Search in NodeJS Learn how to work with Azure Search in NodeJS.
Get started with Azure Search in Java Tutorial for Java programmers using Eclipse and Apache Tomcat server to build and run a sample application that uses Azure Search.
Azure Search scenarios and capabilities Blog post covering the primary scenarios enabled by the current functionality.
How to Add Suggestions to your Search Applications Learn how to implement suggestions, commonly called auto complete. This demo walks through a number of topics including creating an MVC4 applications that leverages Azure Search suggestions, use of the Twitter typeahead.js library to build out an effective autosuggest component in JavaScript, and using fuzzy suggestions to allow you to bring back suggestions even if the user misspells the word.
TechNet Virtual Lab: Building a Microsoft Azure Search Application Virtual lab that provides a development environment, tools, documentation, and data. You will need an Azure account, either a trial subscription or your personal Azure subscription, to complete the lab.
Synchronize SQL Server Data with Azure Search Blog post that explains how to load data from SQL Server relational databases to an Azure Search index.