Introduction to Azure Defender for Key Vault

Azure Key Vault is a cloud service that safeguards encryption keys and secrets like certificates, connection strings, and passwords.

Enable Azure Defender for Key Vault for Azure-native, advanced threat protection for Azure Key Vault, providing an additional layer of security intelligence.


Aspect Details
Release state: General Availability (GA)
Pricing: Azure Defender for Key Vault is billed as shown on Security Center pricing
Clouds: Yes Commercial clouds
No National/Sovereign (US Gov, China Gov, Other Gov)

What are the benefits of Azure Defender for Key Vault?

Azure Defender detects unusual and potentially harmful attempts to access or exploit Key Vault accounts. This layer of protection allows you to address threats without being a security expert, and without the need to manage third-party security monitoring systems.

When anomalous activities occur, Azure Defender shows alerts and optionally sends them via email to relevant members of your organization. These alerts include the details of the suspicious activity and recommendations on how to investigate and remediate threats.

Azure Defender for Key Vault alerts

When you get an alert from Azure Defender for Key Vault, we recommend you investigate and respond to the alert as described in Respond to Azure Defender for Key Vault. Azure Defender for Key Vault protects applications and credentials, so even if you're familiar with the application or user that triggered the alert, it's important to check the situation surrounding every alert.

The alerts appear in Key Vault's Security page, the Azure Defender dashboard, and Security Center's alerts page.

Azure Key Vault's security page


You can simulate Azure Defender for Key Vault alerts by following the instructions in Validating Azure Key Vault threat detection in Azure Security Center.

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