Protect your Azure App Service web apps and APIs

Azure App Service is a fully managed platform for building and hosting your web apps and APIs without worrying about having to manage the infrastructure. It provides management, monitoring, and operational insights to meet enterprise-grade performance, security, and compliance requirements. For more information, see Azure App Service.

To enable advanced threat protection for your Azure App Service plan, you must:

  • Subscribe to Azure Security Center's standard pricing tier
  • Enable the App Service plan as shown below. Security Center is natively integrated with App Service, eliminating the need for deployment and onboarding - the integration is transparent.
  • Have an App Service plan that is associated with dedicated machines. Supported plans are: Basic, Standard, Premium, Isolated, or Linux. Security Center doesn't support the Free, Shared, or Consumption plans. For more information, see App Service Plans.

With the App Service plan enabled, Security Center assesses the resources covered by your App Service plan and generates security recommendations based on its findings. Security Center protects the VM instance in which your App Service is running and the management interface. It also monitors requests and responses sent to and from your apps running in App Service.

Security Center leverages the scale of the cloud, and the visibility that Azure has as a cloud provider, to monitor for common web app attacks. Security Center can discover attacks on your applications and identify emerging attacks - even while attackers are in the reconnaissance phase, scanning to identify vulnerabilities across multiple Azure-hosted applications. As an Azure-native service, Security Center is also in a unique position to offer host-based security analytics covering the underlying compute nodes for this PaaS, enabling Security Center to detect attacks against web applications that were already exploited. For more details, see Threat protection for Azure App Service.

Enabling monitoring and protection of App Service

  1. In the Azure portal, choose Security Center.

  2. Go to Pricing & settings and choose a subscription.

  3. Under Pricing tier, in the App service row, toggle your plan to Enabled.

    Enabling app services in your standard tier subscription


The number of instances listed for your Resource Quantity represents the total number of compute instances, in all App Service plans on this subscription, running at the moment when you opened the pricing tier blade.

Azure App Service offers a variety of plans. Your App Service plan defines the set of compute resources for a web app to run. These are equivalent to server farms in conventional web hosting. One or more apps can be configured to run on the same computing resources (or in the same App Service plan).

To validate the count, head to ‘App Service plans’ in the Azure Portal, where you can see the number of compute instances used by each plan.

To disable monitoring and recommendations for your App Service, repeat this process and toggle your App Service plan to Disabled.

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