Handling Security Incidents in Azure Security Center

Triaging and investigating security alerts can be time consuming for even the most skilled security analysts, and for many it is hard to even know where to begin. By using analytics to connect the information between distinct security alerts, Security Center can provide you with a single view of an attack campaign and all of the related alerts – you can quickly understand what actions the attacker took and what resources were impacted.

This document discusses how to use security alert capability in Security Center to assist you handling security incidents.

What is a security incident?

In Security Center, a security incident is an aggregation of all alerts for a resource that align with kill chain patterns. Incidents appear in the Security Alerts tile and blade. An Incident will reveal the list of related alerts, which enables you to obtain more information about each occurrence.

Managing security incidents

You can review your current security incidents by looking at the security alerts tile. Access the Azure Portal and follow the steps below to see more details about each security incident:

  1. On the Security Center dashboard, you will see the Security alerts tile.

    Security alerts tile in Security Center

  2. Click on this tile to expand it and if a security incident is detected, it will appear under the security alerts graph as shown below:

    Security incident

  3. Notice that the security incident description has a different icon compared to other alerts. Click on it to view more details about this incident.

    Security incident

  4. On the incident blade you will see more details about this security incident, which includes its full description, its severity (which in this case is high), its current state (in this case it is still active, which implies the user hasn't taken an action to it - this can be done by right clicking on the incident in the Security alerts blade), the attacked resource (in this case VM1), the remediation steps for the incident, and in the bottom pane you have the alerts that were included in this incident. If you want to obtain more information on each alert, just click on it and another blade will open, as shown below:

    Security incident

The information on this blade will vary according to the alert. Read Managing and responding to security alerts in Azure Security Center for more information on how to manage these alerts. Some important considerations regarding this capability:

  • A new filter enables you to customize your view to Incident only, Alerts only, or both.
  • The same alert can exist as part of an Incident (if applicable), as well as to be visible as a standalone alert.

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