Protect Azure data and storage services

When Azure Security Center identifies potential security vulnerabilities, it creates recommendations that guide you through the process of configuring the needed controls to harden and protect your resources.

This article explains the Data Security page of the resource security section of Security Center.

For a full list of the recommendations you might see on this page, see Data and Storage recommendations.

View your data security information

  1. In the Resource security hygiene section, click Data and storage resources.

    Data & storage resources

    The Data security page opens with recommendations for data resources.

    Data Resources

    From this page, you can:

    • Click the Overview tab lists all the data resources recommendations to be remediated.
    • Click each tab, and view the recommendations by resource type.


    For more information about storage encryption, see Azure Storage encryption for data at rest.

Remediate a recommendation on a data resource

  1. From any of the resource tabs, click a resource. The information page opens listing the recommendations to be remediated.

    Resource information

  2. Click a recommendation. The Recommendation page opens and displays the Remediation steps to implement the recommendation.

    Remediation steps

  3. Click Take action. The resource settings page appears.

    Enable recommendation

  4. Follow the Remediation steps and click Save.

Next steps

To learn more about recommendations that apply to other Azure resource types, see the following topics: