Azure security videos on Channel 9

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The following is a curated list of Azure security presentations on Channel 9. Make sure to check this page monthly for new videos.

Accelerating Azure Consumption with Barracuda Security

See how you can use Barracuda security to secure your Azure deployments.

Azure Security Center - Threat Detection

With Azure Security Center, you get a central view of the security state of all your Azure resources. At a glance, verify that the appropriate security controls are in place and configured correctly. Scott talks to Sarah Fender who explains how Security Center integrates Threat Detection.

Azure Security Center Overview

With Azure Security Center, you get a central view of the security state of all your Azure resources. At a glance, verify that the appropriate security controls are in place and configured correctly. Scott talks to Sara Fender who explains it all!

Live Demo: Protecting against, Detecting and Responding to Threats

Join this session to see the Microsoft security platform in action. General Manager for Cloud & Enterprise, Julia White, demonstrates the security features of Windows 10, Azure, and Office 365 that can help you keep your organization secure.

Encryption in SQL Server Virtual Machines in Azure for better security

Jack Richins teaches Scott how to easily encrypt his SQL Server databases on Virtual Machine Azure instances. It's easier than you'd think!

Areas covered in this video:

  • Understanding encryption and SQL Server
  • Understanding the Data Protection API, master keys, and certificates
  • Using SQL commands to create the master key and certificates, and encrypt the database

How to set security in DevTest Labs

As an owner of your lab, you can secure lab access by via two lab roles: Owner and DevTest Labs User. A person in the Owner role has complete access in the lab whereas a person in the DevTest Labs User role has limited access. In this video, we show you how to add a person in either of these roles to a lab.

Managing Secrets for Azure Apps

Every serious app you deploy on Azure has critical secrets – connection strings, certificates, keys. Silly mistakes in managing these secrets leads to fatal consequences – leaks, outages, compliance violations. As multiple recent surveys point out, silly mistakes cause four times more data breaches than adversaries. In this session, we go over some best practices to manage your important app secrets. These best practices may seem like common sense, yet many developers neglect them. We also go over how to use Azure Key Vault to implement those best practices. As an added benefit, following these practices helps you demonstrate compliance with standards such as SOC. The first 10 minutes of the session are level 100 and they apply to any cloud app you develop on any platform. The remainder is level 200-300 and focuses on apps you build on the Azure platform.

Securing your Azure Virtual Network using Network Security Groups with Narayan Annamalai

Senior Program Manager Narayan Annamalai teaches Scott how to use Network Security Groups within an Azure Virtual Network. You can create control access to objects within Azure by subnet and network! You learn how to control access and create groups within Azure using PowerShell.

Azure AD Privileged Identity Management: Security Wizard, Alerts, Reviews

Azure Active Directory (AD) Privileged Identity Management is a premium functionality that allows you to discover, restrict, and monitor privileged identities and their access to resources. It also enforces on-demand, just in time administrative access when needed. Learn about:

  • Managing protection for Office 365 workload-specific administrative roles
  • Configuring Azure Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) for privileged role activations
  • Measuring and improving your tenant security posture
  • Monitoring and fixing security findings
  • Reviewing who needs to remain in privileged roles for periodic recertification workflows

Azure Key Vault with Amit Bapat

Amit Bapat introduces Scott to Azure Key Vault. With Azure Key Vault, you can encrypt keys and small secrets like passwords using keys stored in hardware security modules (HSMs). It's cloud-based, hardware-based secret management for Microsoft Azure!