Quickstart: Create a service connection in Spring Cloud from Azure portal

This quickstart shows you how to create a new service connection with Service Connector in Spring Cloud from Azure portal.

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create an Azure free account before you begin.

This quickstart assumes that you already have at least a Spring Cloud application running on Azure. If you don't have a Spring Cloud application, create one.

Sign in to Azure

Sign in to the Azure portal at https://portal.azure.com/ with your Azure account.

Create a new service connection in Spring Cloud

You will use Service Connector to create a new service connection in Spring Cloud.

  1. Select All resource button found on the left of the Azure portal. Type Spring Cloud in the filter and click the name of the Spring Cloud you want to use in the list.

  2. Select Apps and select the application name from the list.

  3. Select Service Connector (Preview) from the left table of contents. Then select Create.

  4. Select or enter the following settings.

    Setting Suggested value Description
    Subscription One of your subscriptions The subscription where your target service (the service you want to connect to) is. The default value is the subscription that this App Service is in.
    Service Type Blob Storage Target service type. If you don't have a Blob storage, you can create one or use an other service type.
    Connection Name Generated unique name The connection name that identifies the connection between your App Service and target service
    Storage account Your storage account The target storage account you want to connect to. If you choose a different service type, select the corresponding target service instance.
  5. Select Next: Authentication to select the authentication type. Then select Connection string to use access key to connect your Blob storage account.

  6. Then select Next: Review + Create to review the provided information. Then select Create to create the service connection. It might take 1 minute to complete the operation.

View service connections in Spring Cloud

  1. In Service Connector (Preview), you see a Spring Cloud connection to the target service.

  2. Click > button to expand the list, you can see the properties required by your Spring boot application.

  3. Click ... button and select Validate, you can see the connection validation details in the pop-up blade from right.

Next steps

Follow the tutorials listed below to start building your own application with Service Connector.