Commands for managing Service Fabric clusters and entities. This version is compatible with Service Fabric 7.0 runtime.

Commands follow the noun-verb pattern. See subgroups for more information.


Subgroup Description
application Create, delete, and manage applications and application types.
chaos Start, stop, and report on the chaos test service.
cluster Select, manage, and operate Service Fabric clusters.
compose Create, delete, and manage Docker Compose applications.
container Run container related commands on a cluster node.
events Retrieve events from the events store (if EventStore service is already installed).
is Query and send commands to the infrastructure service.
mesh Delete and manage Service Fabric Mesh applications.
node Manage the nodes that form a cluster.
partition Query and manage partitions for any service.
property Store and query properties under Service Fabric names.
replica Manage the replicas that belong to service partitions.
rpm Query and send commands to the repair manager service.
sa-cluster Manage stand-alone Service Fabric clusters.
service Create, delete and manage service, service types and service packages.
settings Configure settings local to this instance of sfctl.
store Perform basic file level operations on the cluster image store.

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