Prepare target (VMware to Azure)

This article describes how to prepare your Azure environment to start replicating physical servers (x64) running Windows or Linux into Azure.


The article assumes:

Prepare target

After completing the Step 1:Select Protection goal and Step 2:Prepare Source, you are taken to Step 3: Target

Prepare target

  1. Subscription: From the drop-down menu, select the Subscription that you want to replicate your physical servers to.
  2. Deployment Model: Select the deployment model (Classic or Resource Manager)

Based on the chosen deployment model, a validation is run to ensure that you have at least one compatible storage account and virtual network in the target subscription to replicate and failover your physical servers to.

Once the validations complete successfully, click OK to go to the next step.

If you don't have a compatible Resource Manager storage account or virtual network, you can create one by clicking the + Storage Account or + Network buttons at the top of the page.

Next steps

Configure replication settings.