Migrate Azure IaaS virtual machines between Azure regions with Azure Site Recovery


Welcome to Azure Site Recovery! Use this article if you want to migrate Azure VMs between Azure regions.


For replicating Azure VMs to another region for disaster recovery and migration needs, refer to this document. Site Recovery replication for Azure virtual machines is currently in preview.

Before you start, note that:

  • Azure has two different deployment models for creating and working with resources: Azure Resource Manager and classic. The Azure portal supports both deployment models. The basic steps for migration are the same whether you're configuring Site Recovery in Resource Manager or in classic.

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Here's what you need for this deployment:

  • IaaS virtual machines: The VMs you want to migrate. You migrate these VMs by treating them as physical machines.

Deployment steps

This section describes the deployment steps in the Azure portal.

  1. Create a vault.
  2. Enable replication for the VMs you want to migrate, and choose Azure as source. Currently, native replication of Azure VMs using managed disks are not supported. You can use "Physical to Azure" option in this document to migrate VMs with managed disks.
  3. Run a failover. After initial replication is complete, you can run a failover from one Azure region to another. Optionally, you can create a recovery plan and run a failover, to migrate multiple virtual machines between regions. Learn more about recovery plans.

Next steps

Learn more about other replication scenarios in What is Azure Site Recovery?