What is Azure Spring Cloud?

Azure Spring Cloud makes it easy to deploy Spring Boot-based microservice applications to Azure with zero code changes. Azure Spring Cloud manages the lifecycle of Spring Cloud applications, so developers can focus on their code. Spring Cloud provides lifecycle management using comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics, configuration management, service discovery, CI/CD integration, blue-green deployments, and more.

As part of the Azure ecosystem, Azure Spring Cloud allows easy binding to other Azure services including storage, databases, monitoring, and more.

Azure Spring Cloud is currently offered as a public preview. Public preview offerings allow customers to experiment with new features prior to their official release. Public preview features and services are not meant for production use. For more information about support during previews, please review our FAQ or file a Support request to learn more.

To get started, complete the Spring Cloud quickstart using the Azure CLI, the Azure portal, or Maven.

More samples are available on GitHub: Azure Spring Cloud Samples.

Application Configuration

Spring Cloud Config Server

Azure Spring Cloud Config Server provides externalized configuration in a distributed system with both server and client-side support. Config Server provides a central location to manage application properties across all environments. To learn more, visit the Spring Cloud Config Server reference and complete the tutorial.

Enable blue/green deployments

Azure Spring Cloud supports blue/green deployments for releasing and updating code to production environments. Leveraging this change management pattern allows developers to implement features and code changes with the security of an immediate fallback when necessary. Azure allows developers to concentrate on writing code by managing multiple production environments and making it easy to update or roll back code changes without interrupting the application. To learn more about staging environments and blue/green deployments, visit this How-To article.

Automate CI/CD pipelines

Azure Spring Cloud provides integration with Azure DevOps using the Azure CLI. Using Azure DevOps, you can automate code integration and deployment to your Spring application. To learn more, visit this article.

Scale your application

Azure Spring Cloud allows you to easily scale the micro-services in your Azure Spring Cloud dashboard. Both the number of vCPUs and the amount of memory available to your micro-services can be scaled up or down to suit your requirements. Scaling takes effect in seconds and does not require code changes or redeployment. To learn more, complete this tutorial.

Application Monitoring

Monitor your application using distributed tracing and Azure App Insights

Spring Cloud's distributed tracing tools allow developers to debug and monitor the complex interconnections between microservices in an application. By integrating Spring Cloud Sleuth with Azure's Application Insights, Azure provides powerful distributed tracing capability directly from the Azure portal. To learn more, complete this tutorial.

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