Quickstart: Scale compute in Azure SQL Data Warehouse in the Azure portal

Scale compute in Azure SQL Data Warehouse in the Azure portal. Scale out compute for better performance, or scale back compute to save costs.

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.

Sign in to the Azure portal

Sign in to the Azure portal.

Before you begin

You can scale a data warehouse that you already have, or use Quickstart: create and connect - portal to create a data warehouse named mySampleDataWarehouse. This quickstart scales mySampleDataWarehouse.


Your data warehouse must be online to scale.

Scale compute

SQL Data Warehouse compute resources can be scaled by increasing or decreasing data warehouse units. The [create and connect - portal] quickstart(create-data-warehouse-portal.md) created mySampleDataWarehouse and initialized it with 400 DWUs. The following steps adjust the DWUs for mySampleDataWarehouse.

To change data warehouse units:

  1. Click SQL data warehouses in the left page of the Azure portal.

  2. Select mySampleDataWarehouse from the SQL data warehouses page. The data warehouse opens.

  3. Click Scale.

    Click Scale

  4. In the Scale panel, move the slider left or right to change the DWU setting.

    Move Slider

  5. Click Save. A confirmation message appears. Click yes to confirm or no to cancel.

    Click Save

Next steps

You've now learned to scale compute for your data warehouse. To learn more about Azure SQL Data Warehouse, continue to the tutorial for loading data.