Determine the management endpoint IP address

The Azure SQL Database Managed Instance virtual cluster contains a management endpoint that Microsoft uses for management operations. The management endpoint is protected with a built-in firewall on the network level and mutual certificate verification on the application level. You can determine the IP address of the management endpoint, but you can't access this endpoint.

To determine the management IP address, do a DNS lookup on your managed instance FQDN: This will return a DNS entry that's like You can then do a DNS lookup on this FQDN with ".vnet" removed. This will return the management IP address.

This PowerShell will do it all for you if you replace <MI FQDN> with the DNS entry of your managed instance:

  resolve-dnsname $MIFQDN | select -first 1  | %{ resolve-dnsname $_.NameHost.Replace(".vnet","")}

For more information about Managed Instances and connectivity, see Azure SQL Database Managed Instance Connectivity Architecture.