Create a file share in Azure Files

You can create Azure File shares using the Azure portal, the Azure Storage PowerShell cmdlets, the Azure Storage client libraries, or the Azure Storage REST API. In this tutorial, you will learn:


To create an Azure file share, you can use a Storage Account that already exists, or create a new Azure Storage Account. To create an Azure file share with PowerShell, you will need the account key and name of your storage account. You will need a Storage account key if you plan to use Powershell or the CLI.


If you want to create file shares larger than 5 TiB, see our article Enable large file shares.

Create a file share through the Azure portal

  1. Go to the Storage Account blade on the Azure portal:
    Storage Account blade

  2. Click on add File Share button:
    Click the add file share button

  3. Provide Name and Quota:
    Provide a name and a desired quota for the new file share

  4. View your new file share: View your new file share

  5. Upload a file: Upload a file

  6. Browse into your file share and manage your directories and files: Browse file share

Create file share through PowerShell

To prepare to use PowerShell, download and install the Azure PowerShell cmdlets. See How to install and configure Azure PowerShell for the install point and installation instructions.


It's recommended that you download and install or upgrade to the latest Azure PowerShell module.

  1. Create a new storage account: A storage account is a shared pool of storage in which you can deploy Azure file shares as well as other storage resources, such as blobs or queues.

    $resourceGroup = "myresourcegroup"
    $storAcctName = "myuniquestorageaccount"
    $region = "westus2"
    $storAcct = New-AzStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup -Name $storAcctName -SkuName Standard_LRS -Location $region -Kind StorageV2
  2. Create a new file share:

    $shareName = "myshare"
    $share = New-AzStorageShare -Context $storAcct.Context -Name $shareName


The name of your file share must be all lowercase. For complete details about naming file shares and files, see Naming and Referencing Shares, Directories, Files, and Metadata.

Create file share through Command Line Interface (CLI)

  1. To prepare to use the Command Line Interface (CLI), download and install the Azure CLI.
    See Install the Azure CLI and Get started with Azure CLI.

  2. Create a connection string to the storage account where you want to create the share.
    Replace <storage-account> and <resource_group> with your storage account name and resource group in the following example:

     current_env_conn_string=$(az storage account show-connection-string -n <storage-account> -g <resource-group> --query 'connectionString' -o tsv)
     if [[ $current_env_conn_string == "" ]]; then  
         echo "Couldn't retrieve the connection string."
  3. Create the file share

    az storage share create --name files --quota 2048 --connection-string $current_env_conn_string > /dev/null

Next steps

See these links for more information about Azure Files.