Delete containers based on container name prefix

This script first creates a few sample containers in Azure Blob storage, then deletes some of the containers based on a prefix in the container name.

To run this sample, make sure you have installed the latest version of the Azure CLI. To start, run az login to create a connection with Azure.

This sample works in a Bash shell. For options on running Azure CLI scripts on Windows client, see Install the Azure CLI on Windows.

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.

Sample script

export AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT=<storage-account-name>
export AZURE_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY=<storage-account-key>

# Create a resource group
az group create --name myResourceGroup --location eastus

# Create some test containers
az storage container create --name test-container-001
az storage container create --name test-container-002
az storage container create --name production-container-001

# List only the containers with a specific prefix
az storage container list --prefix "test-" --query "[*].[name]" --output tsv

echo "Deleting test- containers..."

# Delete 
for container in `az storage container list --prefix "test-" --query "[*].[name]" --output tsv`; do
    az storage container delete --name $container

echo "Remaining containers:"
az storage container list --output table

Clean up deployment

Run the following command to remove the resource group, remaining containers, and all related resources.

az group delete --name myResourceGroup

Script explanation

This script uses the following commands to delete containers based on container name prefix. Each item in the table links to command-specific documentation.

Command Notes
az group create Creates a resource group in which all resources are stored.
az storage account create Creates an Azure Storage account in the specified resource group.
az storage container create Creates a container in Azure Blob storage.
az storage container list Lists the containers in an Azure Storage account.
az storage container delete Deletes containers in an Azure Storage account.

Next steps

For more information on the Azure CLI, see Azure CLI documentation.

Additional storage CLI script samples can be found in the Azure CLI samples for Azure Storage.