Copy, back up and move your Azure Stream Analytics jobs between regions

You can copy or back up your deployed Azure Stream Analytics jobs using Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio. Copying a job to another region does not copy the last output time. Therefore, you cannot use When last stopped option when starting the copied job.

Before you begin

Visual Studio Code

  1. Click the Azure icon on the Visual Studio Code Activity Bar and then expand Stream Analytics node. Your jobs should appear under your subscriptions.

    Open Stream Analytics Explorer

  2. To export a job to a local project, locate the job you wish to export in the Stream Analytics Explorer in Visual Studio Code. Then select a folder for your project.

    Locate ASA job in Visual Studio Code

    The project is exported to the folder you select and added to your current workspace.

  3. To publish the job to another region or backup using another name, select Select from your subscriptions to publish in the query editor (*.asaql) and follow the instructions.

    Publish to Azure in Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio

  1. Follow the export a deployed Azure Stream Analytics job to a project instructions.

  2. Open the *.asaql file in the Query Editor, select Submit To Azure in the script editor and follow the instructions to publish the job to another region or backup using a new name.

Next steps