Develop and debug Azure Stream Analytics jobs locally

While you're able to create and test Azure Stream Analytics jobs in the Azure portal, many developers prefer a local development experience. Stream Analytics makes it easy to use your favorite code editor and development tools to create and test jobs with live event streams from Azure Event Hub, IoT Hub, and Blob Storage using a fully functioned single node local runtime. You can also submit jobs to Azure directly from your local development environment.

Local development environments

The way in which you develop Stream Analytics jobs on your local computer depends on your tooling preferences and feature availability. See Azure Stream Analytics feature comparison to see what features are supported for each development environment.

The environments in the following table support local development:

Environment Description
Visual Studio Code The Azure Stream Analytics Tools extension for Visual Studio Code allows you to author, manage, test your Stream analytics job both locally and in the cloud with rich IntelliSense and native source control. Supports development on Linux, MacOS and Windows. To learn more, see Create an Azure Stream Analytics job in Visual Studio Code. The extension also supports Visual Studio Codespaces which is a cloud-hosted dev environment.
Visual Studio 2019 Stream Analytics Tools is part of the Azure development and Data storage and processing workloads in Visual Studio. You can use Visual Studio to write custom C# user-defined functions and deserializers. To learn more, see Create an Azure Stream Analytics job by using Visual Studio.
Command prompt or terminal The Azure Stream Analytics CI/CD NuGet package provides tools for Visual studio project build, local testing on an arbitrary machine. The Azure Stream Analytics CI/CD npm package provides tools for Visual Studio Code project builds (which generates an Azure Resource Manager template) on an arbitrary machine.

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