Use Visual Studio to view Azure Stream Analytics jobs

Azure Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio makes it easy for developers to manage their Stream Analytics jobs directly from the IDE. With Azure Stream Analytics tools, you can:

Learn how to install Azure Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio.

Explore the job view

You can use the job view to interact with Azure Stream Analytics jobs from Visual Studio.

Open the job view

  1. In Server Explorer, select Stream Analytics jobs and then select Refresh. Your job should appear under Stream Analytics jobs.

    Stream Analytics server explorer list

  2. Expand your job node, and double-click on the Job View node to open a job view.

    Expanded job node

Start and stop jobs

Azure Stream Analytics jobs can be fully managed from the job view in Visual Studio. Use the controls to start, stop, or delete a job.

Stream Analytics job controls

Check job results

Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio currently supports output preview for Azure Data Lake Storage and blob storage. To view result, simply double click the output node of the job diagram in Job View and enter the appropriate credentials.

Stream Analytics job blob output

Export jobs to a project

There are two ways you can export an existing job to a project.

  1. In Server Explorer, under the Stream Analytics Jobs node, right-click the job node. Select Export to New Stream Analytics Project.

    Export job to project

    The generated project appears in Solution Explorer.

    Solution explorer

  2. In the job view, select Generate Project.

    Generate project from job view

Test connections

Input and output connections can be tested from the Job View by selecting an option from the Test Connection dropdown.

Test Connection dropdown

The Test Connection results are displayed in the Output window.

Test Connection results

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