QuickStart: Connect an Azure Purview Account to a Synapse workspace

In this quickstart, you will register an Azure Purview Account to a Synapse workspace. That connection allows you to discover Azure Purview assets and interact with them through Synapse capabilities.

You can perform the following tasks in Synapse:

  • Use the search box at the top to find Purview assets based on keywords
  • Understand the data based on metadata, lineage, annotations
  • Connect those data to your workspace with linked services or integration datasets
  • Analyze those datasets with Synapse Apache Spark, Synapse SQL, and Data Flow


Sign in to a Synapse workspace

Go to https://web.azuresynapse.net and sign in to your workspace.

Permissions for connecting an Azure Purview Account

  • To connect an Azure Purview Account to a Synapse workspace, you need a Contributor role in Synapse workspace from Azure portal IAM and you need access to that Azure Purview Account. For more details, see Azure Purview permissions.

Connect an Azure Purview Account

  • In the Synapse workspace, go to Manage -> Azure Purview. Select Connect to a Purview account.
  • You can choose From Azure subscription or Enter manually. From Azure subscription, you can select the account that you have access to.
  • Once connected, you should be able to see the name of the Purview account in the tab Azure Purview account.
  • You can use the Search bar at the top center of the Synapse workspace to search for data.

Next steps

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