Integrate with pipelines

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to integrate pipelines and activities using Synapse Studio.


You can integrate a wide variety of tasks in Azure Synapse.

  1. In Synapse Studio, go to the Integrate hub.
  2. Select + > Pipeline to create a new pipeline. Click on the new pipeline object to open the Pipeline designer.
  3. Under Activities, expand the Synapse folder, and drag a Notebook object into the designer.
  4. Select the Settings tab of the Notebook activity properties. Use the drop-down list to select any notebook from your current Synapse workspace.
  5. In the pipeline, select Add trigger > New/edit.
  6. In Choose trigger, select New, and set the Recurrence to "every 1 hour".
  7. Select OK.
  8. Select Publish All.

Monitor pipeline

  1. Once the pipeline is published, to make the pipeline run immediately, without waiting for the next hour, select Add trigger > Trigger now.
  2. In Synapse Studio, go to the Monitor hub, and select Pipeline runs to monitor pipeline execution progress.

Next steps