Microsoft.Logic integrationAccounts/assemblies 2019-05-01

The integrationAccounts/assemblies resource type can be deployed to: Resource groups.

To learn about resource group deployments, see Bicep or ARM template.

Template format

To create a Microsoft.Logic/integrationAccounts/assemblies resource, add the following Bicep or JSON to your template.

resource symbolicname 'Microsoft.Logic/integrationAccounts/assemblies@2019-05-01' = {
  name: 'string'
  location: 'string'
  tags: {
    tagName1: 'tagValue1'
    tagName2: 'tagValue2'
  properties: {
    assemblyCulture: 'string'
    assemblyName: 'string'
    assemblyPublicKeyToken: 'string'
    assemblyVersion: 'string'
    changedTime: 'string'
    content: any()
    contentLink: {
      contentHash: {
        algorithm: 'string'
        value: 'string'
      contentSize: int
      contentVersion: 'string'
      metadata: any()
      uri: 'string'
    contentType: 'string'
    createdTime: 'string'
    metadata: any()

Property values


Name Description Value
type The resource type

For Bicep, set this value in the resource declaration.
apiVersion The resource api version

For Bicep, set this value in the resource declaration.
name The resource name

See how to set names and types for child resources in Bicep or JSON ARM templates.
string (required)
location The resource location. string
tags The resource tags. Dictionary of tag names and values. See Tags in templates
properties The assembly properties definition. AssemblyProperties (required)


Name Description Value
assemblyCulture The assembly culture. string
assemblyName The assembly name. string (required)
assemblyPublicKeyToken The assembly public key token. string
assemblyVersion The assembly version. string
changedTime The artifact changed time. string
content Anything For Bicep, you can use the any() function.
contentLink The content link. ContentLink
contentType The content type. string
createdTime The artifact creation time. string
metadata Anything For Bicep, you can use the any() function.
Name Description Value
contentHash The content hash. ContentHash
contentSize The content size. int
contentVersion The content version. string
metadata Any object For Bicep, you can use the any() function.
uri The content link URI. string


Name Description Value
algorithm The algorithm of the content hash. string
value The value of the content hash. string