Microsoft.MachineLearningServices workspaces/environments/versions 2021-03-01-preview

Template format

To create a Microsoft.MachineLearningServices/workspaces/environments/versions resource, add the following JSON to the resources section of your template.

  "name": "string",
  "type": "Microsoft.MachineLearningServices/workspaces/environments/versions",
  "apiVersion": "2021-03-01-preview",
  "properties": {
    "condaFile": "string",
    "description": "string",
    "docker": {
      "platform": {
        "operatingSystemType": "string"
      "dockerSpecificationType": "string",
      "context": "string",
      "dockerfile": "string",
      "dockerImageUri": "string"
    "inferenceContainerProperties": {
      "livenessRoute": {
        "path": "string",
        "port": "integer"
      "readinessRoute": {
        "path": "string",
        "port": "integer"
      "scoringRoute": {
        "path": "string",
        "port": "integer"
    "isAnonymous": "boolean",
    "properties": {},
    "tags": {}

Property values

The following tables describe the values you need to set in the schema.

Microsoft.MachineLearningServices/workspaces/environments/versions object


In Bicep, type and apiVersion are specified in the first line of the resource declaration. Use the format <type>@<apiVersion>. Don't set those properties in the resource body.

Name Type Required Value
name string Yes Version identifier.
type enum Yes For JSON -versions

See Set name and type for child resources.
apiVersion enum Yes For JSON - 2021-03-01-preview
properties object Yes Additional attributes of the entity. - EnvironmentSpecificationVersion object

EnvironmentSpecificationVersion object

Name Type Required Value
condaFile string No Standard configuration file used by Conda that lets you install any kind of package, including Python, R, and C/C++ packages.
description string No The asset description text.
docker object No Configuration settings for Docker. - DockerSpecification object
inferenceContainerProperties object No Defines configuration specific to inference. - InferenceContainerProperties object
isAnonymous boolean No If the name version are system generated (anonymous registration).
properties object No The asset property dictionary.
tags object No Tag dictionary. Tags can be added, removed, and updated.

DockerSpecification object

Name Type Required Value
platform object No The platform information of the docker image. - DockerImagePlatform object
dockerSpecificationType string Yes Docker specification must be either Build or Image - Build, Image
context string No Path to a snapshot of the Docker Context. This property is only valid if Dockerfile is specified. The path is relative to the asset path which must contain a single Blob URI value.
dockerfile string No Docker command line instructions to assemble an image.
dockerImageUri string No Image name of a custom base image.

InferenceContainerProperties object

Name Type Required Value
livenessRoute object No The route to check the liveness of the inference server container. - Route object
readinessRoute object No The route to check the readiness of the inference server container. - Route object
scoringRoute object No The port to send the scoring requests to, within the inference server container. - Route object

DockerImagePlatform object

Name Type Required Value
operatingSystemType enum No The OS type the Environment. - Linux or Windows

Route object

Name Type Required Value
path string Yes The path for the route.
port integer Yes The port for the route.