Microsoft.Media mediaservices/liveEvents/liveOutputs 2019-05-01-preview

The mediaservices/liveEvents/liveOutputs resource type can be deployed to: Resource groups.

To learn about resource group deployments, see Bicep or ARM template.

Template format

To create a Microsoft.Media/mediaservices/liveEvents/liveOutputs resource, add the following Bicep or JSON to your template.

resource symbolicname 'Microsoft.Media/mediaservices/liveEvents/liveOutputs@2019-05-01-preview' = {
  name: 'string'
  properties: {
    archiveWindowLength: 'string'
    assetName: 'string'
    description: 'string'
    hls: {
      fragmentsPerTsSegment: int
    manifestName: 'string'
    outputSnapTime: int

Property values


Name Description Value
type The resource type

For Bicep, set this value in the resource declaration.
apiVersion The resource api version

For Bicep, set this value in the resource declaration.
name The resource name

See how to set names and types for child resources in Bicep or JSON ARM templates.
string (required)
properties The JSON object that contains the properties required to create a Live Output. LiveOutputProperties


Name Description Value
archiveWindowLength ISO 8601 timespan duration of the archive window length. This is duration that customer want to retain the recorded content. string (required)
assetName The asset name. string (required)
description The description of the Live Output. string
hls The HLS configuration. Hls
manifestName The manifest file name. If not provided, the service will generate one automatically. string
outputSnapTime The output snapshot time. int


Name Description Value
fragmentsPerTsSegment The amount of fragments per HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) segment. int