Microsoft.NetApp netAppAccounts 2017-08-15

Template format

To create a Microsoft.NetApp/netAppAccounts resource, add the following JSON to the resources section of your template.

  "name": "string",
  "type": "Microsoft.NetApp/netAppAccounts",
  "apiVersion": "2017-08-15",
  "location": "string",
  "tags": {},
  "properties": {
    "activeDirectories": [
        "activeDirectoryId": "string",
        "username": "string",
        "password": "string",
        "domain": "string",
        "dNS": "string",
        "status": "string",
        "sMBServerName": "string",
        "organizationalUnit": "string"
  "resources": []

Property values

The following tables describe the values you need to set in the schema.

Microsoft.NetApp/netAppAccounts object

Name Type Required Value
name string Yes The name of the NetApp account
type enum Yes Microsoft.NetApp/netAppAccounts
apiVersion enum Yes 2017-08-15
location string Yes Resource location
tags object No Resource tags
properties object Yes NetApp Account properties - AccountProperties object
resources array No capacityPools

AccountProperties object

Name Type Required Value
activeDirectories array No Active Directories - ActiveDirectory object

ActiveDirectory object

Name Type Required Value
activeDirectoryId string No Id of the Active Directory
username string No Username of Active Directory domain administrator
password string No Plain text password of Active Directory domain administrator
domain string No Name of the Active Directory domain
dNS string No Comma separated list of DNS server IP addresses for the Active Directory domain
status string No Status of the Active Directory
sMBServerName string No NetBIOS name of the SMB server. This name will be registered as a computer account in the AD and used to mount volumes
organizationalUnit string No The Organizational Unit (OU) within the Windows Active Directory