Microsoft.ServiceBus namespaces/AuthorizationRules

The namespaces/AuthorizationRules resource type can be deployed to: Resource groups.

To learn about resource group deployments, see Bicep or ARM template.

Template format

To create a Microsoft.ServiceBus/namespaces/AuthorizationRules resource, add the following Bicep or JSON to your template.

resource symbolicname 'Microsoft.ServiceBus/namespaces/AuthorizationRules@2021-11-01' = {
  name: 'string'
  parent: resourceSymbolicName
  properties: {
    rights: [

Property values


Name Description Value
type The resource type

For Bicep, set this value in the resource declaration.
apiVersion The resource api version

For Bicep, set this value in the resource declaration.
name The resource name

See how to set names and types for child resources in Bicep or JSON ARM templates.
string (required)

Character limit: 1-50

Valid characters:
Alphanumerics, periods, hyphens, and underscores.

Start and end with alphnumeric.
parent In Bicep, you can specify the parent resource for a child resource. You only need to add this property when the child resource is declared outside of the parent resource.

For more information, see Child resource outside parent resource.
Symbolic name for resource of type: namespaces
properties AuthorizationRule properties. SBAuthorizationRuleProperties


Name Description Value
rights The rights associated with the rule. String array containing any of:

Quickstart templates

The following quickstart templates deploy this resource type.

Template Description
Correlating messages over Logic Apps using Service Bus

Deploy to Azure
which shows how we can correlate messages over Logic Apps using Azure Service Bus
Create a Service Bus namespace and queue authorization rule

Deploy to Azure
This template enables you to deploy a Service Bus Standard namespace, and authorization rules for both the namespace and a queue.
Create a Service Bus Premium Namespace and AuthorizationRule

Deploy to Azure
This template creates a Service Bus Premium Namespace and a namespace AuthorizationRule