Microsoft.Sql servers/backupLongTermRetentionVaults template reference

Template format

To create a Microsoft.Sql/servers/backupLongTermRetentionVaults resource, add the following JSON to the resources section of your template.

  "name": "string",
  "type": "Microsoft.Sql/servers/backupLongTermRetentionVaults",
  "apiVersion": "2014-04-01",
  "properties": {
    "recoveryServicesVaultResourceId": "string"

Property values

The following tables describe the values you need to set in the schema.

Microsoft.Sql/servers/backupLongTermRetentionVaults object

Name Type Required Value
name string Yes The name of the backup long term retention vault
type enum Yes backupLongTermRetentionVaults

See Set name and type for child resources.
apiVersion enum Yes 2014-04-01
properties object Yes The properties of the backup long term retention vault - BackupLongTermRetentionVaultProperties object

BackupLongTermRetentionVaultProperties object

Name Type Required Value
recoveryServicesVaultResourceId string Yes The azure recovery services vault resource id