Microsoft.StorSimple managers/devices/volumeContainers template reference

Template format

To create a Microsoft.StorSimple/managers/devices/volumeContainers resource, add the following JSON to the resources section of your template.

  "name": "string",
  "type": "Microsoft.StorSimple/managers/devices/volumeContainers",
  "apiVersion": "2017-06-01",
  "kind": "Series8000",
  "properties": {
    "encryptionKey": {
      "value": "string",
      "encryptionCertThumbprint": "string",
      "encryptionAlgorithm": "string"
    "storageAccountCredentialId": "string",
    "bandWidthRateInMbps": "integer",
    "bandwidthSettingId": "string"
  "resources": []

Property values

The following tables describe the values you need to set in the schema.

Microsoft.StorSimple/managers/devices/volumeContainers object

Name Type Required Value
name string Yes The name of the volume container.
type enum Yes volumeContainers

See Set name and type for child resources.
apiVersion enum Yes 2017-06-01
kind enum No The Kind of the object. Currently only Series8000 is supported. - Series8000
properties object Yes The volume container properties. - VolumeContainerProperties object
resources array No volumes

VolumeContainerProperties object

Name Type Required Value
encryptionKey object No The key used to encrypt data in the volume container. It is required when property 'EncryptionStatus' is "Enabled". - AsymmetricEncryptedSecret object
storageAccountCredentialId string Yes The path ID of storage account associated with the volume container.
bandWidthRateInMbps integer No The bandwidth-rate set on the volume container.
bandwidthSettingId string No The ID of the bandwidth setting associated with the volume container.

AsymmetricEncryptedSecret object

Name Type Required Value
value string Yes The value of the secret.
encryptionCertThumbprint string No Thumbprint certificate that was used to encrypt "Value". If the value in unencrypted, it will be null.
encryptionAlgorithm enum Yes The algorithm used to encrypt "Value". - None, AES256, RSAES_PKCS1_v_1_5