Get Virtual Machine usage metrics using the REST API

This example shows how to retrieve the CPU usage for a Linux Virtual Machine using the Azure REST API.

Complete reference documentation and additional samples for the REST API are available in the Azure Monitor REST reference.

Build the request

Use the following GET request to collect the Percentage CPU metric from a Virtual Machine


Request headers

The following headers are required:

Request header Description
Content-Type: Required. Set to application/json.
Authorization: Required. Set to a valid Bearer access token.

URI parameters

Name Description
subscriptionId The subscription ID that identifies an Azure subscription. If you have multiple subscriptions, see Working with multiple subscriptions.
resourceGroupName The name of the Azure resource group associated with the resource. You can get this value from the Azure Resource Manager API, CLI, or the portal.
vmname The name of the Azure Virtual Machine.
metricnames Comma-separated list of valid Load Balancer metrics.
api-version The API version to use for the request.

This document covers api-version 2018-01-01, included in the above URL.
timespan String with the following format startDateTime_ISO/endDateTime_ISO that defines the time range of the returned metrics. This optional parameter is set to return a day's worth of data in the example.

Request body

No request body is needed for this operation.

Handle the response

Status code 200 is returned when the list of metric values is returned successfully. A full list of error codes is available in the reference documentation.

Example response

    "cost": 0,
    "timespan": "2018-06-08T23:48:10Z/2018-06-09T00:48:10Z",
    "interval": "PT1M",
    "value": [
            "id": "/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/resourceGroups/{resourceGroupName}/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/{vmname}/providers/microsoft.insights/metrics?api-version=2018-01-01&metricnames=Percentage%20CPU",
            "type": "Microsoft.Insights/metrics",
            "name": {
                "value": "Percentage CPU",
                "localizedValue": "Percentage CPU"
            "unit": "Percent",
            "timeseries": [
                    "metadatavalues": [],
                    "data": [
                            "timeStamp": "2018-06-08T23:48:00Z",
                            "average": 0.44
                            "timeStamp": "2018-06-08T23:49:00Z",
                            "average": 0.31
                            "timeStamp": "2018-06-08T23:50:00Z",
                            "average": 0.29
                            "timeStamp": "2018-06-08T23:51:00Z",
                            "average": 0.29
                            "timeStamp": "2018-06-08T23:52:00Z",
                            "average": 0.285
                        } ]
                } ]
        } ]