Azure CLI Samples for Windows virtual machines

The following table includes links to bash scripts built using the Azure CLI that deploy Windows virtual machines.

Create virtual machines
Create a virtual machine Creates a Windows virtual machine with minimal configuration.
Create a fully configured virtual machine Creates a resource group, virtual machine, and all related resources.
Create highly available virtual machines Creates several virtual machines in a highly available and load balanced configuration.
Create a VM and run configuration script Creates a virtual machine and uses the Azure Custom Script extension to install IIS.
Create a VM and run DSC configuration Creates a virtual machine and uses the Azure Desired State Configuration (DSC) extension to install IIS.
Network virtual machines
Secure network traffic between virtual machines Creates two virtual machines, all related resources, and an internal and external network security groups (NSG).
Secure virtual machines
Encrypt a VM and data disks Creates an Azure Key Vault, encryption key, and service principal, then encrypts a VM.
Monitor virtual machines
Monitor a VM with Log Analytics Creates a virtual machine, installs the Log Analytics agent, and enrolls the VM in a Log Analytics workspace.