Azure Resource Manager template samples for virtual network

The following table includes links to Azure Resource Manager template samples. You can deploy templates using the Azure portal, Azure CLI, or Azure PowerShell. To learn how to author your own templates, see Create your first template and Understand the structure and syntax of Azure Resource Manager templates.

Create a virtual network with two subnets Creates a virtual network with two subnets.
Route traffic through a network virtual appliance Creates a virtual network with three subnets. Deploys a virtual machine into each of the subnets. Creates a route table containing routes to direct traffic from one subnet to another through the virtual machine in the third subnet. Associates the route table to one of the subnets.
Create a virtual network service endpoint for Azure Storage Creates a new virtual network with two subnets, and a network interface in each subnet. Enables a service endpoint to Azure Storage for one of the subnets and secures a new storage account to that subnet.
Connect two virtual networks Creates two virtual networks and a virtual network peering between them.
Create a virtual machine with multiple IP addresses Creates a Windows or Linux VM with multiple IP addresses.