CloudSimple nodes overview

Nodes are the building blocks of a Private Cloud. A node is:

  • A dedicated bare metal compute host where a VMware ESXi hypervisor is installed
  • A unit of computing you can purchase or reserve to create Private Clouds
  • Available to purchase or reserve in a region where the CloudSimple service is available

You create a Private Cloud from the purchased nodes. To create a Private Cloud, you need a minimum of three nodes of the same SKU. To expand a Private Cloud, add additional nodes. You can add nodes to an existing cluster or create a new cluster by purchasing nodes in the Azure portal and associating them with the CloudSimple service. All purchased nodes are visible under the CloudSimple service.

Purchased nodes

Purchased nodes provide pay-as-you-go capacity. Purchasing nodes helps you quickly scale your VMware cluster on demand. You can add nodes as needed or delete a purchased node to scale down your VMware cluster. Purchased nodes are billed on a monthly basis and charged to the subscription where they're purchased.

  • If you pay for your Azure subscription by credit card, the card is billed immediately.
  • If you're billed by invoice, the charges appear on your next invoice.

VMware Solution by CloudSimple nodes SKU

The following types of nodes are available for purchase or reservation.

SKU CS28 - Node CS36 - Node
CPU 2x2.2 GHz, 28 Cores (56 HT) 2x2.3 GHz, 36 Cores (72 HT)
RAM 256 GB 512 GB
Cache Disk 1.6-TB NVMe 3.2-TB NVMe
Capacity Disk 5.625 TB Raw 11.25 TB Raw
Storage Type All Flash All Flash


The following node limits apply to Private Clouds.

Resource Limit
Minimum number of nodes to create a Private Cloud 3
Maximum number of nodes in a cluster on a Private Cloud 16
Maximum number of nodes in a Private Cloud 64
Minimum number of nodes on a new cluster 3

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