Adding Azure storage by using Visual Studio Connected Services

With Visual Studio, you can connect any of the following to Azure Storage by using the Add Connected Services dialog:

  • C# cloud service
  • .NET backend mobile service
  • ASP.NET website or service
  • ASP.NET Core service
  • Azure WebJob service

The connected service functionality adds all the needed references and connection code to your project, and modifies your configuration files appropriately.

After completion, the Add Connected Services dialog automatically displays documentation detailing the steps required to start working with blob storage, queues, and tables.

Connect to Azure Storage using the Connected Services dialog

  1. Open your project in Visual Studio

  2. In Solution Explorer, right-click the Connected Services node, and, from the context menu, and select Add Connected Service.

    Add Azure connected service

  3. In the Connected Services page, select Cloud Storage with Azure Storage.

    Add Azure Storage

  4. In the Azure Storage dialog, select an existing storage account, and select Add.

    If you need to create a storage account, go to the next step. Otherwise, skip to step 6.

    Add existing storage account to project

  5. To create a storage account:

    1. Select Create a New Storage Account at the bottom of the dialog.

    2. Fill out the Create Storage Account dialog, and select Create.

      New Azure storage account

    3. When the Azure Storage dialog is displayed, the new storage account appears in the list. Select the new storage account in the list, and select Add.

  6. The storage connected service appears under the Service References node of your project.

How your project is modified

When you finish the dialog, Visual Studio adds references and modifies certain configuration files. The specific changes depend on the project type:

Next steps