GetBulkUploadStatus Service Operation - Bulk

Gets the status and completion progress of a bulk upload request.

Request Elements

The GetBulkUploadStatusRequest object defines the body and header elements of the service operation request. The elements must be in the same order as shown in the Request SOAP.

Request Body Elements

Element Description Data Type
RequestId The identifier of the upload request. string

Request Header Elements

Element Description Data Type
AuthenticationToken The OAuth access token that represents a Microsoft Account user who has permissions to Bing Ads accounts. string
CustomerAccountId The identifier of the account that owns the entities in the request. This header element must have the same value as the AccountId body element when both are required. string
CustomerId The identifier of the customer that contains and owns the account. If you manage an account of another customer, you should use that customer ID instead of your own customer ID. string
DeveloperToken The developer token used to access the Bing Ads API. string
Password This element is reserved for internal use and will be removed from a future version of the API. You must use the AuthenticationToken element to set user credentials. string
UserName This element is reserved for internal use and will be removed from a future version of the API. You must use the AuthenticationToken element to set user credentials. string


The CustomerAccountId and CustomerId are required for most service operations, and as a best practice you should always specify them in the request.

Response Elements

The GetBulkUploadStatusResponse object defines the body and header elements of the service operation response. The elements are returned in the same order as shown in the Response SOAP.

Response Body Elements

Element Description Data Type
Errors An array of OperationError objects corresponding to errors encountered during the system processing of the bulk file after your HTTP POST upload completed.

For example, an OperationError would include the BulkServiceFormatVersionNotSupported error code if the uploaded file contains one or more bulk records that are not supported with the corresponding file format version.
OperationError array
ForwardCompatibilityMap The list of key and value strings for forward compatibility to avoid otherwise breaking changes when new elements are added in the current API version.

Forward compatibility changes will be noted here in future releases. There are currently no forward compatibility changes for the GetBulkUploadStatusResponse message object.
KeyValuePairOfstringstring array
PercentComplete The progress completion percentage for system processing of the uploaded bulk file. The value range is between 0 and 100.

You should also compare the upload status. If the upload fails, the percent complete will reset to zero (0).
RequestStatus The status of the upload. The following are the possible returned status values.

Completed - The upload file was accepted and processed successfully without errors.

CompletedWithErrors - The upload completed with one or more errors. While the overall upload was successful, one or more add or update errors could have occurred. As a best practice you should request error information via the ResponseMode element when calling GetBulkUploadUrl and check the ResultFileUrl for any errors.

Failed - The entire upload failed due to an unexpected error. You may submit a new upload with fewer entities or try again to submit the same upload later.

FileUploaded - The upload request has been received and is in the queue for processing.

InProgress - The upload file has been accepted and the upload is in progress.

PendingFileUpload - The upload file has not been received for the corresponding RequestId.

UploadFileRowCountExceeded - The limit of bulk records in the upload file has been exceeded. For more information about limits and upload best practices, see Bulk Upload.

UploadFileFormatNotSupported - The Format Version Name field specified in the upload is not supported for this version of the Bulk API.
ResultFileUrl The URL of the file that contains the requested results, for example upload error information.

The URL must be used within five minutes of the time that the GetBulkUploadStatus operation returns the Completed status response string. If you do not start the download within this period of time, you will need to call GetBulkUploadStatus again to get a new URL.

Response Header Elements

Element Description Data Type
TrackingId The identifier of the log entry that contains the details of the API call. string

Request SOAP

The following template shows the order of the body and header elements for the SOAP request.

<s:Envelope xmlns:i="" xmlns:s="">
  <s:Header xmlns="">
    <Action mustUnderstand="1">GetBulkUploadStatus</Action>
    <ApplicationToken i:nil="false">ValueHere</ApplicationToken>
    <AuthenticationToken i:nil="false">ValueHere</AuthenticationToken>
    <CustomerAccountId i:nil="false">ValueHere</CustomerAccountId>
    <CustomerId i:nil="false">ValueHere</CustomerId>
    <DeveloperToken i:nil="false">ValueHere</DeveloperToken>
    <Password i:nil="false">ValueHere</Password>
    <UserName i:nil="false">ValueHere</UserName>
    <GetBulkUploadStatusRequest xmlns="">
      <RequestId i:nil="false">ValueHere</RequestId>

Response SOAP

The following template shows the order of the body and header elements for the SOAP response.

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
  <s:Header xmlns="">
    <TrackingId d3p1:nil="false" xmlns:d3p1="">ValueHere</TrackingId>
    <GetBulkUploadStatusResponse xmlns="">
      <Errors d4p1:nil="false" xmlns:d4p1="">
          <Details d4p1:nil="false">ValueHere</Details>
          <ErrorCode d4p1:nil="false">ValueHere</ErrorCode>
          <Message d4p1:nil="false">ValueHere</Message>
      <ForwardCompatibilityMap xmlns:e976="" d4p1:nil="false" xmlns:d4p1="">
          <e976:key d4p1:nil="false">ValueHere</e976:key>
          <e976:value d4p1:nil="false">ValueHere</e976:value>
      <RequestStatus d4p1:nil="false" xmlns:d4p1="">ValueHere</RequestStatus>
      <ResultFileUrl d4p1:nil="false" xmlns:d4p1="">ValueHere</ResultFileUrl>

Code Syntax

The example syntax can be used with Bing Ads SDKs. See Bing Ads Code Examples for more examples.

public async Task<GetBulkUploadStatusResponse> GetBulkUploadStatusAsync(
    string requestId)
    var request = new GetBulkUploadStatusRequest
        RequestId = requestId

    return (await BulkService.CallAsync((s, r) => s.GetBulkUploadStatusAsync(r), request));
static GetBulkUploadStatusResponse getBulkUploadStatus(
    java.lang.String requestId) throws RemoteException, Exception
    GetBulkUploadStatusRequest request = new GetBulkUploadStatusRequest();


    return BulkService.getService().getBulkUploadStatus(request);
static function GetBulkUploadStatus(

    $GLOBALS['Proxy'] = $GLOBALS['BulkProxy'];

    $request = new GetBulkUploadStatusRequest();

    $request->RequestId = $requestId;

    return $GLOBALS['BulkProxy']->GetService()->GetBulkUploadStatus($request);


Service: BulkService.svc v12