LocationAdExtension Data Object - Campaign Management

Defines an ad extension that specifies a business address and phone number to include in a text ad.

You can associate a location ad extension with the account or with campaigns in the account. Each entity (account or campaign) can be associated with as many location ad extensions as you decide, up to the total number of location ad extensions in your account.


<xs:complexType name="LocationAdExtension" xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
  <xs:complexContent mixed="false">
    <xs:extension base="tns:AdExtension">
        <xs:element name="Address" nillable="true" type="tns:Address" />
        <xs:element name="CompanyName" nillable="true" type="xs:string" />
        <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="GeoCodeStatus" nillable="true" type="tns:BusinessGeoCodeStatus" />
        <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="GeoPoint" nillable="true" type="tns:GeoPoint" />
        <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="IconMediaId" nillable="true" type="xs:long" />
        <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="ImageMediaId" nillable="true" type="xs:long" />
        <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="PhoneNumber" nillable="true" type="xs:string" />


Element Description Data Type
Address The business address.

Add: Required
Update: Optional
CompanyName The name of the business. The name can contain a maximum of 80 characters.

Add: Required
Update: Optional
GeoCodeStatus A status value that indicates whether the business latitude and longitude coordinates have been determined.

If you provide the coordinates, the status will be set to Complete; otherwise, the status will indicate the progress of determining the coordinates of the specified business address.

Add: Read-only
Update: Read-only
GeoPoint The latitude and longitude coordinates of the specified Address element. The coordinates are used to mark the business location on Bing Maps when the user clicks the address on the ad. If the specified coordinates are not within the range of valid values, the service determines the coordinates based on the address.

If you specify the known coordinates, the service does not confirm whether the specified coordinates match the specified business address. If you do not provide the coordinates, the AddAdExtensions operation uses the business address to determine the coordinates.

When adding more than 10 location ad extensions, the service resolves coordinates offline, and otherwise resolves coordinates up front during execution of the service operation. The location will not be used in an ad until the coordinates are determined, which can take from seconds to minutes depending on the number of location ad extensions being added and the current demand.

To determine whether the coordinates have been resolved, call the GetAdExtensionsByIds operation and access the GeoCodeStatus element. For a list of possible status values see BusinessGeoCodeStatus.

Add: Optional
Update: Optional
IconMediaId The identifier of an icon used to mark the business location on Bing Maps. You can specify the identifier of a predefined icon or a custom icon that you added by calling the AddMedia operation. The size of a custom icon can be up to 26x26.

For a list of predefined icons, see Remarks. If you do not specify a map icon when you add the location, the icon will default to the predefined Generic icon.

Add: Optional
Update: Optional
ImageMediaId The identifier of the image to include in the ad. You must specify the identifier of the image that you added to the image library by calling the AddMedia operation.

The maximum supported image size for location ads is 125x125.

Add: Optional
Update: Optional
PhoneNumber The business phone number to include in the ad. The phone number is clickable on hi-fi mobile devices.

The phone number can contain a maximum of 35 characters and must be valid for the specified country.

If the campaign also includes a call extension, the phone number in the call extension, will override this phone number.

Add: Optional
Update: Optional

The LocationAdExtension object has Inherited Elements.

Inherited Elements

Inherited Elements from AdExtension

The LocationAdExtension object derives from the AdExtension object, and inherits the following elements. The descriptions below are specific to LocationAdExtension, and might not apply to other objects that inherit the same elements from the AdExtension object.

Element Description Data Type
DevicePreference Reserved for future use. long
ForwardCompatibilityMap The list of key and value strings for forward compatibility to avoid otherwise breaking changes when new elements are added in the current API version.

There are currently no forward compatibility changes for the AdExtension object.

Add: Read-only
Update: Read-only
KeyValuePairOfstringstring array
Id The unique Bing Ads identifier of the ad extension.

Add: Read-only and Required
Update: Read-only
Scheduling Determines the calendar day and time ranges when the ad extension is eligible to be shown in ads.

Add: Optional
Update: Optional. If you set this element null, any existing scheduling set for the ad extension will remain unchanged. If you set this to any non-null Schedule object, you are effectively replacing existing scheduling settings for the ad extension. To remove all scheduling set this element to an empty Schedule object.
Status The status of the ad extension. The value will always be Active because the Campaign Management service does not return deleted ad extensions.

Add: Read-only
Update: Read-only
Type The type of the ad extension. This value is LocationAdExtension when you retrieve a location ad extension.

Add: Read-only
Update: Read-only

For more information about ad extension types, see the Ad Extension Data Object Remarks.
Version The number of times the contents of the ad extension has been updated. The version is set to 1 when you add the extension and is incremented each time it's revised.

Add: Read-only
Update: Read-only


You can associate a location ad extension with one or more campaigns and a campaign can be associated with any number of location ad extensions.

The following are the predefined icons that you can set the IconMediaId element to in the production environment.

Icon ID Category of business
18000000000115318 Generic
20000000000115678 Bank, finance, currency exchange (British Pound)
18000000000115322 Bank, finance, currency exchange (Euro)
106000000000116338 Bank, finance, currency exchange (Dollar)
7000000000117468 Bar, pub, liquor
5000000000116886 Car dealer, rental, service
9000000000115762 Grocery, department store
67000000000117026 Movie, film, video
83000000000114412 Caf?, coffee shop
22000000000120354 Home wares, home repair
46000000000117968 Hairdresser, barber, tailor
53000000000116596 Shopping boutique
13000000000115524 Restaurant, dining
76000000000114692 Flowers, garden
101000000000118242 Accommodation, hotel, motel
8000000000110328 Phones, service providers
8000000000110332 Hardware, repair.

The following are the predefined icons that you can set the IconMediaId element to in the sandbox environment.

Icon ID Category of business
97000000000006420 Generic
28000000000006714 Bank, finance, currency exchange (British Pound)
115000000000006938 Bank, finance, currency exchange (Euro)
30000000000007980 Bank, finance, currency exchange (Dollar)
33000000000006700 Bar, pub, liquor
67000000000007024 Car dealer, rental, service
113000000000007004 Grocery, department store
31000000000007492 Movie, film, video
56000000000006406 Caf?, coffee shop
15000000000007500 Home wares, home repair
11000000000006456 Hairdresser, barber, tailor
71000000000006282 Shopping boutique
61000000000006982 Restaurant, dining
84000000000006436 Flowers, garden
115000000000006934 Accommodation, hotel, motel
114000000000007032 Phones, service providers
8000000000006506 Hardware, repair.


Service: CampaignManagementService.svc v11
Namespace: https://bingads.microsoft.com/CampaignManagement/v11