Customer Billing Service Operations

The Customer Billing service defines the following service operations.

Service Operation Description Request Limits
AddInsertionOrder Adds an insertion order to the specified account. N/A.
GetAccountMonthlySpend Gets the amount spent by the account in the specified month. 1 AccountId
GetBillingDocuments Gets the specified billing documents. 25 BillingDocumentInfo
GetBillingDocumentsInfo Gets a list of objects that contains billing document identification information, for example the billing document identifier, amount, and account identifier. Not applicable.
GetInsertionOrdersByAccount Gets a list of insertion orders for the specified account. 1 AccountId
SearchInsertionOrders Searches for insertion orders that match a specified criteria. 6 Predicates
UpdateInsertionOrder Updates an insertion order within the specified account. 1 AccountId
1 InsertionOrder