Get Started Using C# with Bing Ads Services

To get started developing Bing Ads applications with a .NET language, you can start with the provided examples or follow one of the application walkthroughs for a Web or Desktop application. The examples have been developed with the Bing Ads .NET SDK and Visual Studio Community. Your custom configuration may vary.

You will need user credentials with access to Bing Ads either in production or sandbox. For the production environment you will need a production developer token. All sandbox clients can use the universal sandbox developer token i.e., BBD37VB98. For more information, please see Get Started With the Bing Ads API and Sandbox.

To authenticate with a Microsoft Account (email address username) in production, you must also must register an application and get the corresponding client identifier. You also need to take note of the client secret and redirect URI if you are developing a web application. For authentication details, see Authentication With the SDKs.

Install the SDK

To use the Bing Ads .NET SDK, you must first install and use .NET Framework 4.5 or later. In Visual Studio Community go to the project Properties -> Application -> Target framework and make sure that .NET Framework 4.5 is selected.

Install the Bing Ads .NET SDK through NuGet, either through the Manage NuGet Packages user interface, or through the Package Manager Console. For information about installing NuGet, see


The NuGet installation includes the following required libraries.

  • Microsoft.BingAds.dll - The Bing Ads .NET SDK
  • System.Runtime.Serialization.dll
  • System.ServiceModel.dll

Manage NuGet Packages

  1. Right-click on your Visual Studio project and select Manage NuGet Packages.

  2. Browse online for Microsoft.BingAds.SDK e.g., try searching for bingads.. Install .NET SDK

  3. Select the project or projects where you want the SDK installed, and click the Install button*.

NuGet Package Manager Console

  1. Click on Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console.

  2. Choose the default project where you want the SDK installed, and then within the console command line, type Install-Package Microsoft.BingAds.SDK.


Once you have the Bing Ads .NET SDK installed, you can either browse the Bing Ads Code Examples in C# or follow one of the application walkthroughs for a Web or Desktop application.

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