Bing Ads API Reference

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With the availability of Bing Ads API version 12, version 11 is deprecated and will sunset by October 31, 2018.

Topic Description
Ad Languages Lists the available languages that you may use to write your ads and keywords for each country.
Currencies Contains a list of available currencies for Bing Ads advertising accounts.
Editorial Reason Codes Defines the reason codes of why an ad, keyword, or ad extension failed editorial review.
Geographical Location Codes Contains information about the country/region, state/province/territory, metro area (Nielsen DMA® in the United States), and city codes.
Operation Error Codes Defines the Code and ErrorCode elements that may be returned in an error data object.
Time Zones Lists the possible time zone values.
Version 12 Services The web service reference documentation for Bing Ads API Version 12.
Web Service Addresses The web service addresses for Bing Ads API Version 12.

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