Transaction Message


This beta release of Hotel Ads is available to select participants only. For information about participating in the beta release program, please contact your account manager.

The Transaction Message feed and documentation are subject to change.

If you create hotel ad campaigns in Bing Ads, use transaction messages to update your hotel data. For information about working with transaction messages, see the following sections:

Topic Description
Getting Started Provides details about getting permissions, basic transaction messages, validating messages, sending messages to Bing, and checking the status of a queued message.
Hotel Ads Policies Describes the policies that you must adhere to if you use Hotel Ads.
Creating a Transaction Message Provides details about building a transaction message using the required and optional elements.
Having Bing Pull Transaction Messages Provides details about having Bing send you requests asking for itinerary data.
Pushing Transaction Messages to Bing Provides details about how to send Bing itinerary data that changed.
Validating Transaction Messages Provides details about using the Transaction XSD to validate your message before sending it to Bing.
Transaction Message Reference Provides descriptions of the elements and attributes of the Transaction XSD.
Transaction Message Schemas Provides links to the XSD schemas that define a transaction message.