Making a Data Source Public or Private

When you make a data source public, it can be queried by anyone with a Bing Maps Key and the query URL. A private data source can only be queried using the query key you specify or the master key. There are two ways to set the data source access to public or private.


For information on data source limits that apply to this feature, see Geocode and Data Source Limits.

  • On upload: When you upload data to a data source, and publish it without geocoding, you have the option to specify whether the data source is public or private.

  • After the data source is published: After a data source is published, you can change the data source access status from the Published Data Sources tab on the Manage data sources page under Data Sources. Depending on the current access status, a Make Public or Make Private button appears for each published data source. When you click the button to change the data source access, the change takes affect within minutes.