The NAVTEQEU data source contains information about points of interest (POIs) in Europe. You can query this data source by using the Bing Spatial Data ServicesQuery API and any Bing Maps Key.


When you query this data source for specific property values, you must include a geographical area to search. This does not apply if you are querying for specific entities using entity ID. See Query by Area and Query by ID for details. POI entities may not be available for every location. Note: NAVTEQNA and NAVTEQEU data sources do not support the intersects and nearRoute filters.

POI Entity Properties

The following table describes the properties that you can query to get information about a point of interest. These properties make up the NAVTEQPOIs entity type that is used by the NAVTEQEU data source.

Property Data Type Example Value
EntityID (Primary Key) Edm.String 111
LanguageCode Edm.String GER
Name Edm.String Contoso, Ltd
DisplayName Edm.String Contoso, Ltd
Latitude Edm.Double 36.7222
Longitude Edm.Double -4.4450
AddressLine Edm.String Calle Rodriguez, 1234
Locality Edm.String Malaga
AdminDistrict Edm.String Andalucia
AdminDistrict2 Edm.String MA
PostalCode Edm.String 28146
CountryRegion Edm.String EspaƱa
Phone Edm.String +34 xx xxx xxxx
EntityTypeID Edm.String 3000

Entity Types

For a complete list of the entity type IDs that you can query, see POI Entity Types.

How to query the NAVTEQEU data source

You can query the NAVTEQEU data source by using the following base URL and adding additional parameters such a geographical area to search and the properties you want to return. For a complete description of query options and more examples, see Query API.

Base Query URL  

Query Example

The following query example queries for banks within 5 kilometers of the specified latitude and longitude. The query key you use can be any Bing Maps Key.,8.68340969085693,100)&$select=EntityID,Latitude,Longitude,DisplayName,__Distance,LanguageCode&$top=3&key=anyBingMapsKey