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Create a Bing Maps Account & Key

There are two paths in which you can get a Bing Maps key. This first method is recommended if you fall into one of these categories;

  • Are an enterprise customer who has a volume license agreement with Microsoft.
  • Currently generate more than 500 thousand transactions a month. Documentation on transactions can be here.
  • Are using Bing Maps in an asset tracking application.
  • Internal applications where you prefer to use a known user license (cost per user) rather than a transactional license.

The second method is recommended for all other applications that generate less than 500 thousand transactions a month.

Method 1: Create a Bing Maps Account

  1. Create a Bing Maps account at the Bing Maps Dev Center. You can find documentation on how to create a Bing Maps account here.
  2. Create a Bing Maps key.
    1. We invite you to use the "basic" key type and free use terms outlined in the Bing Maps Terms of Use (TOU) as you migrate to Bing Maps. Production applications outside the free use thresholds in the TOU will need a Bing Maps Enterprise account. For assistance with Bing Maps licensing, please contact maplic@microsoft.com (including your Bing Maps Account Center ID).
    2. Enterprise customers are advised to use keys of type “basic” for all pre‐production application testing. An enterprise key should be created and used for production use.
    3. See the MSDN documentation for more information on Getting a Bing Maps key.

Method 2: License Bing Maps through Azure Marketplace

Sign up for the Bing Maps API for Enterprise in the Azure Marketplace here. If you do not have an Azure account, you will have to create one and provide a credit card. Fill out the forms provided and select the transaction level that meets your monthly transaction requirements. Note that you can change this at any time. One benefit of license Bing Maps through the Azure Marketplace is that you get the flexibility of licensing on a month to month basis, rather than being locked into a contract for one of more years.

The following resources are available for Bing Maps developers:

Account Issues

If you are having issues creating a Bing Maps Developer Account, getting a Bing Maps Key, or have an account access question, contact mpnet@microsoft.com.

Licensing Questions

If you are interested in finding out more about Bing Maps or have questions about licensing Bing Maps, see the Bing Maps Licensing page.