AnimatedTileLayer Class

Provides a layer which can smoothly animate through an array of tile layer sources.


AnimatedTileLayer(options?: AnimatedTileLayerOptions)


Name Return Type Description
getFrameRate() number Gets the frame rate of this animated tile layer.
getLoadingScreen() CustomOverlay Gets the loading screen overlay when tiles are being fetched.
getMaxTotalLoadTime() number Gets the maximum total tile fetching time of this animated tile layer
getTileSources() TileSource[] Gets the tile sources associated with this layer.
getVisible() boolean Gets the visibility of this animated tile layer.
pause() Pause the tile layer animation.
play() Play the animation either from start or where it was paused.
setOptions(options: AnimatedTileLayerOptions) Sets the options for the animated tile layer.
stop() Stop the layer animation, hide layer, and reset frame to the beginning.


Name Return Type Description
onFrameLoaded AnimatedFrameEventArgs An event that fires every time a new tile layer frame is loaded in the animation.
preLoadEnded An event that fires when preloading tiles for the current view ends.
preLoadStarted An event that fires when preloading tiles for the current view starts.