GroundOverlay Class

A map overlay that binds an image to a bounding box area on the map.


GroundOverlay(options: GroundOverlayOptions)


Name Type Description
metadata object Optional property to store any additional metadata for this ground overlay.


Name Return Type Description
getBackgroundColor() string or Color Gets the background color of the ground overlay.
getBounds() LocationRect Gets the bounding box that the ground overlay is bounded to.
getImageUrl() string Gets the url to the gorund overlay image.
getOpacity() number Gets the opacity of the ground overlay.
getMap() Map Gets the map that this overlay is attached to.
getRotation() number Gets the rotation of the ground overlay.
getVisible() boolean Gets a boolean indicating if the ground overlay is visible or not.
setOptions(options: GroundOverlayOptions) Sets the options used to render the ground overlay.
setVisible(visible: boolean) Sets the visibility of the Ground Overlay.

GroundOverlay Samples: