GroundOverlayOptions Object

The options that specify how to render a ground overlay on the map.

Name Type Description
backgroundColor string or Color A background color that fills the bounding box area beneath the ground overlay. Default: transparent
beneathLabels boolean Specifies if the ground overlay should be rendered above or below the label layer of the map. When above, mouse events for elements under the overlay will be blocked. Default: true

This can only be set when creating the ground overlay and will not work with the setOptions function.
bounds LocationRect Required. The bounding box to anchor the ground overlay to. This is required when creating a ground overlay.
imageUrl string Required. The URL to the image to anchor to the map as a ground overlay.

Tip: SVG’s can be used as ground overlays. This is required when creating a ground overlay.
opacity number The opacity of the ground overlay image. Decimal values between 0 and 1 are valid. Default: 1
rotation number An angle in degrees to rotate the overlay in a clockwise direction where 0 = north, 90 = east, 180 = south, 270 = west. Default: 0
visible boolean A boolean value indicating if the ground overlay is visible or not. Default: true