Spatial Math Module Examples

The Spatial Math module provides several commonly required spatial calculations.

The Spatial Math module has three core parts:

  • Common Spatial Calculations: This part consists of a set of commonly used spatial calculations, such as the ability to calculate distances between locations, or perform unit conversions. These calculations are exposed as static methods on the Microsoft.Maps.SpatialMath namespace.
  • Geometry Calculations: This part consists of a set of complex geometric functions which can be used to perform binary operations against shapes (union, intersect, differences...), generate convex and concave hulls, and create Voronio diagrams. these static methods are exposed through the Microsoft.Maps.SpatialMath.Geometry namespace.
  • Tile Math: This part provides a set of methods that perform spatial calculations based on the Tile pyramid used by Bing Maps as defined here. This is often useful when creating custom data visualizations. These static methods are exposed through the Microsoft.Maps.SpatialMath.Tile namespace.

In most calculations the distance or area unit parameters are optional. The default distance units used is meters, and the default area units is square meters.