SuggestionResult Object

Represents the suggestion result from the Autosuggest manager.


Name Type Description
address Address A structured address object for the result.
bestView LocationRect A LocationRect that can be used to set the map view over the result.
entityId string Unique entity id to be used for searching the entity.
entityType string The type of the result; Address, Place
entitySubType string The sub type of result; Address, RoadBlock, PopulatedPlace, CountryRegion, etc.
subtitle string A secondary title that provides additional context to the title value of the suggestion.
formattedSuggestion string A nicely formatted suggestion string for the result based on market.
location Location The coordinate of the result. This value is only returned for place (city, landmarks) results and not for addresses. Street addresses will need to be geocoded to get their location.
title string The display title for the result (i.e. “Redmond”).