DrawingTools Class

The DrawingTools class exposes a set of tools for drawing and editing shapes on the map.


DrawingTools(map: Map)


The DrawingTools class has the following methods.

Name Return Type Description
create(shapeType: ShapeType, created?: function(shape: IPrimitive)) Initializes the drawing layer and instructs it to create a new shape of a given type. A callback function can be provided which is invoked when the new shape as be initially created.
dispose() Disposes the instance of the DrawingTools class.
edit(shape: IPrimitive) Adds a shape to the drawing layer and puts it into edit mode.
finish(finished?: function(shape: IPrimitive)) Finishes any shape create / edit operation currently in progress, and returns the shape that was created or edited.
showDrawingManager(function(manager?: DrawingManager)) Creates a drawing manager which allows multi-shape editing and displays the toolbar.


The DrawingTools class provides the following events.

Name Type Description
drawingChanged IPrimitive Occurs after the shape has had a change. For example, finished dragging a vertex to a new location.
drawingChanging IPrimitive Occurs when the shape is being actively manipulated. For example, this event will continuously fire when dragging a vertex of a shape.
drawingEnded IPrimitive Occurs when the user has finished drawing or editing a shape.
drawingModeChanged DrawingModeChangedData Occurs when the drawing mode has changed.
drawingStarted IPrimitive Occurs when the user has started drawing or editing a shape.